True to form, BMW continues to break new ground in the automotive industry with its cutting-edge new CarKey tech feature. This feature will apply to most BMW models manufactured after July 1, 2020. This Near-Field Communication-based phone-as-key feature will allow drivers to easily lock, unlock, and start their BMW sedans and SAVs with just a user-friendly application on their compatible iPhone.

Recently unveiled at an Apple event, the feature was demonstrated on a new BMW 5 Series sedan. How exactly does this exceptional feature work? Users simply must hold their iPhone within 1.5 inches of the driver's side door handle to lock or unlock the model. Drivers can also start their car by placing their iPhone on the wireless charging pad located at the base of the center console.

We won't get too much into the digital specifics, but you won't have to worry about other driver's having the ability to unlock or start your vehicle. Every model has its own distinct digital key like a traditional physical one. This key is stored in Apple's Wallet application on your iPhone where other secure information is held like debit and credit card information. Your phone must be unlocked to access the BMW Digital Key, meaning facial recognition or touch identification must be first passed in order to start your vehicle. What's more, is you can conveniently share your vehicle's unique key with family members through iMessage. Up to five other users can access your vehicle's key when granted access. You can even tailor your model's top speed radio volume, and power output to ensure safe and secure travel for younger drivers. In the event that your iPhone should run out of battery power, the Digital Key feature is compatible with Apple Watches.

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