Your health and safety are our ultimate priority here at BMW of Bloomfield. We're here to ensure that you have the opportunity to travel with absolute peace of mind. If you're interested in giving your vehicle a spring cleaning or are simply looking for a team of qualified auto experts to sanitize your BMW sedan or SUV, BMW of Bloomfield is here to help.

Our BMW dealership in Bloomfield is offering Bio-Pledge AntiMicrobial Protection services to drivers near Hoboken, NJ and beyond. This solution is an EPA-registered antimicrobial substance that effectively kills and bonds to surfaces to help protect you from germs for up to 30 days. This solution is upholstery-friendly and removes both organic and inorganic odors from surfaces it's applied to. What's more, is this thorough disinfection treatment also helps improve the air quality in your vehicle.

Our factory-trained certified BMW experts use cutting-edge equipment including high-pressure air atomizer spray guns to fully coat your vehicle's interior and treat surfaces without using harmful chemicals. Prior to applying the solution, your vehicle's windows are closed while air conditioning is turned on to help circulate the BioPledge solution throughout it entirely. After the BioPledge has worked through its process, the solution will still actively protect you from germs for up to a full month after its application so you'll be able to run errands and pick up essential items with peace of mind.

If you're interested in setting up an appointment to have your BMW model fully sanitized through our offered Bio-Pledge AntiMictrobial Protection plan, please contact us over the phone, or use our convenient and intuitive form on our BioPledge services page.

We look forward to assisting you and better ensuring your health and safety during these uncertain times.

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