What Does Each Light On The Dash Of My BMW Mean?
There are so many different indicator lights on the dash of your car, but when a new light appears on the console of your new BMW, DON'T PANIC! Not every light that illuminates is the bearer of bad omens and costly repairs. Some of these lights are simply an indication that a system is working. However, some could mean your vehicle may require service soon. Let's go over what each of these indicator lights are your vehicle trying to say to you.
Empty Or Low Fuel
This symbol will come on to tell you the vehicle is running low on fuel. When it comes on, it will indicate that you have 30 miles of fuel left before you entirely run out. Visit a gas station before it's too late. 

   Coolant Temperature
This signal is to warn the driver about an overheating engine. One can either deposit the coolant themselves or take in the vehicle (which we recommend) to fix the leak.
  Tire Pressure Monitor 
When this light comes on, your vehicle is telling you that one or more of your BMW tires are under-inflated. When the light is illuminated yellow, it means the tire is down about 10%. When red, it means the tire is deflating rapidly.
  Oil Can
 When you see this symbol, it means that your vehicle is low on oil. It also means that your car is ready for an oil change. While this isn't a severe problem, ignoring it could be fatal to your vehicle. Schedule your service with us at BMW of Bloomfield today!
This symbol will indicate that your engine is getting too hot and potentially overheating. It is dangerous to the life of your car is your engine gets too hot. If you are on the road, we recommend pulling over to the side of the road and allowing your engine to cool offer before you continue driving. Then, schedule service with us at BMW of Bloomfield as soon as possible
This is an important indicator. When it comes on, it means there is an issue with your engine or an engine component. When this light comes on, we recommend you schedule service immediately
When this indicator light comes on, it will mean that there is a problem with your battery. It could mean your battery is running low on power or it's time for a replacement. When this light comes on, schedule an appointment with our service team to learn more.
  Exclamation Mark In A Circle 
If this light appears on your dash, it could indicate two different things. If red, it could mean that your brake fluid is low, and will require more. If yellow, it could mean that your hill assists feature is experiencing a malfunction.
  Service Vehicle
When this light first appears, it will show up as yellow. It means that your BMW is due for routine service. When the indicator light turns red, it means that your service is overdue.
  Dynamic Stability Control
When this light comes on, it is your vehicle letting you know that your traction control management system is currently working.
  Coolant Level
This indicator light indicates that your coolant level is too low. Add coolant immediately.
  Light Bulb
If this symbol comes up on your dash, it means that one or more of your vehicles external lights are out. If after changing your bulb the light is still on, it could mean a different issue, and we recommend you visit a service center.
   Letter P In a Circle 
This light will indicate that your Parking Brake is active. If when you've released your parking brake and the light remands, you should visit our BMW of Bloomfield service center.

Brake Fluid Level

If this signal lights up in red, your brake fluid is too low.