What is BMW xDrive and Which Models Have It?

What is BMW xDrive and Which Models Have It?

Engineered with the latest advances in automotive technology, drivers can trust BMW models to deliver the performance, handling, and features they want. For extra traction and added peace of mind, BMW also has their signature all-wheel drive system, known as xDrive, available on many of their popular models. At BMW of Bloomfield, where we proudly present our customers with a full collection of new BMW models, we can help you get to know each one better, including those with the impressive xDrive option.

xDrive and What it Means for Your Commute

More than a simple all-wheel drive system, BMW's xDrive delivers traction, enhances agility and handling, and helps you corner impeccably, even if you're going at a higher speed. It also helps you navigate any kind of weather or road condition securely and, with around 25 inches of snow annually and an average of 48 inches of rain every year around here, we're no strangers to the occasional treacherous commute and the need for topnotch reliability. The xDrive added confidence, security, and power to all four wheels of your car can be your best friend in scary situations.

Which Models have BMW xDrive?

Ready to hear the best part about BMW xDrive? It's that you can find it on all of your favorite models and styles, regardless of whether you prefer a sedan, a coupe, or an SAV. Most of our popular BMW models get xDrive available at least as an option, and many even have it as a standard feature. Some of our favorites where you can find xDrive include:

Plus, much more. From three-row SUVs to compact cars, and everything in between, our team can tell you more about this signature element of BMW engineering and help you choose the best fit for all your driving needs.